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"TMAinspiration: Decode Interdependencies in Multifactorial Tissue Microarray Data" has been published by Florian B, Horst B, Nikhil V. M and Eberhard K
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"Mycophenolic Acid and Its Derivatives as Potential Chemotherapeutic Agents Targeting Inosine Monophosphate Dehydrogenase in Trypanosoma congolense" by Suganuma, Jakalski et al. has been published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.
Incomplete Lineage Sorting and Hybridization Statistics for Large-Scale Retroposon Insertion Data by Kuritzin, Kischka et al. has been published by PLoS Computational Biology.
"Protein import complexes in the mitochondrial outer membrane of Amoebozoa representatives" by Buczek et al. has been published by BMC Genomics.
"The second European interdisciplinary Ewing sarcoma research summit - A joint effort to deconstructing the multiple layers of a complex disease" by Korsching E and others
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Institute of Bioinformatics WWU Muenster
Bioinformatics is a research, development, or application of computational tools and approaches for expanding the use of biological data, including those to acquire, store, organize, archive, analyze, or visualize such data. Its goal is to enable biological discovery based on existing information or in other words transform biological information into knowledge. In recent years bioinformatics became integral part of biology and it is present in almost all biomedical disciplines.
Logo Here we are - the team, struggling for science and investing time to make the bioinformatics process going on. Our collaboration with other groups around the world (see visitors web page) brings new ideas and refines the old ones. All our work is a public domain and we don't put any restrictions on the created software and published papers. The working language of the institute is English.