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2023-08-02: Adapt, so it works now (e.g. in Debian 12)
2021-02-25: Remove local installation problem
2020-03-10: Extend max runtime to 2 hours
2016-05-30: New Classifiers
Every request gets an id number and is put in a queue and calculated in order of arrival.
For a previously made request: To get result, enter the id number of it. Skip all other fields and press "Run".
For a new request: You must enter file or input data. Optionally you can set a title for the request. The title is your naming of the request and taken on all coming displays, so can distiguish more nativly between requests.
Reverse Complement complements any inverted sequences of the input.
Note: the entered data must not exceed 5MB in size! And the maximum runtime is limited to 2 hours!
Note: The sequences should have at least 50 nuceotids
2024/06/21 06:15
New Request
Reverse Complement