uORFdb downloads
On this site, we provide you with flat file exports from our database. All contents are available as TSV files and are accompanied by MD5 checksum files "*.md5". After the download, you can use these files to verify the integrity of the flat files. To compare a checksum, the flat file and its respective checksum file must be located in the same directory. In the terminal of a UNIX system, execute "md5sum -c foo.md5" to check the integrity of the file "foo" using the checksum file "foo.md5".
The example files contain only the first 10 elements from the respective full files. These files are useful for exploring the format of the full downloads.
Attention: We don't recommend to open large files (especially the uORF and variant exports) using programs like LibreOffice Calc or Excel. Please use a terminal to open these files. The example files, however, are "safe" to open with any program.
We provide the following flat file exports: