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Upstream open reading frames (uORFs) are important regulatory elements in the 5ยด-transcript leader sequences (TLSs) of eukaryotic messenger RNAs. With uORFdb we aim to merge expert annotations of the latest uORF literature with the crucial sequence context of individual uORFs in humans and 12 other species. At present, the database contains more than 1,040 manually curated publications and more than 6.6 million uORFs of which over 2.4 million are located on human transcripts. For human uORFs, you can access information on genetic variability via external databases (e.g. dbSNP and ClinVar) and at the level of individual studies (e.g. WGS data of cancer patients). Currently, the database contains more than 129,000 somatic variant positions identified in WGS data of patient cohorts from breast, colon, blood, lung, prostate and skin cancer.
If you want to learn more about the database and how to use it, please click the "About" and "Documentation" buttons in the menu on the left or read its publication which includes a thorough example analysis.
Query the database by using the search bar below. The panels below the search bar define which fields will be queried. By default, you are searching in all searchable fields. Click on the blue arrow in one of the panels to go to your view of interest. Numbers show the number of hits for the searchable fields of a given view. For performance reasons, the number of hits per view is limited to 1000.
The database contains genomic sequences. Submit your nucleotide queries using "T", instead of "U".
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