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Sorted Blast Graph - Gui


Start the application either by clicking on "Start Application" or download it and start with

java -jar sbg.jar
in a terminal.


This application takes a set of blast output of the following format

0query name
1subject name
2percent identities
3aligned length
4number of mismatched positions
5number of gap positions
6query sequence start
7query sequence end
8subject sequence start
9subject sequence end
11bit score
The bold columns are neccessary for the program to work. This format is "blast -m8", see here and search for "Blast -m8 fields".


SAM50_AMEBA     SAM50_AMEBA     100.00  118     0       0       1       118     1       118     9e-67    243
SAM50_AMEBA     gi|126338997|ref|XP_001362470.1|        29.66   118     70      4       3       115     151     260     4e-09   52.4
SAM50_AMEBA     gi|114686851|ref|XP_001172164.1|        28.81   118     71      4       3       115     72      181     1e-08   50.8

Generated Graphs

The generated lines are ordered in 3 different ways. The lines have the information about the sequence, the start and end positions where the fragment was found.

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